Teachers Comments: Vervain has made satisfactory progress and has achieved an average level in most subjects.


What do you think Diary? Yes, I know it’s not a BAD report and the comment about my writing is okay, but words like SATISFACTORY and AVERAGE just don’t feel like me. I’ve looked up average in the dictionary. It says…


a middle place between two extremes, usual, normal. 


If Bryony is the best in the class at flying and Tulip is the worst and I am somewhere in the middle, does that make me average? Even if my report is true, I still don’t like it. Average is not where I want to be. I don’t want to be NORMAL, I want to be spectacular! I feel special inside. Does everyone feel special? Maybe it’s just normal to feel special and I’m not actually special at all.

Diary, do you think I can be average and special at the same time?

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